Steam generator

Maybe you still remember ours illuminated Halloween pumpkin we have recently pointed you.

In the video we have provided beside the lighting also with fog a little for the right mood.

In the today's contribution we would like to show you how you yourselves can make a small nebulous machine.

Nebulous generator


We use for it a so-called "Clearomizer" - more exactly said CL-CE4 of KangerTech. These evaporators are used in so-called E cigarettes, and stroll Wed.t of help onesee small heating wireit so-called "E liquid" in a thick steam around.


Achtung: E cigarettes are no toys. Today also the purchase of the Clearomizers we use is permitted only from 18 years! If you are still under 18, you can copy the project only under supervision of an adult!


With E liquid it concerns typically a mixture from Propylenglykol (PG) E1520 and the herbal Glycerine (VG) E422. Both materials are valid as safe, and become and A. in the food industry as a taste bearer or as thickening means, or in cosmetics products and drugs used.



Obwohl we do not plan the whole one to consume directly or inhale, I recommend to cover both with a chemist, there only pharmacopoeia quality is sold.


The functional principle of the evaporator is relatively simple. The liquid is filled in a small tank. This tank has very small openings, behind which to itself a little cotton or a thread considers. This cotton becomes saturated with the liquid, and if it advances to the heating reel. In our example has of the Clearomizer a Kanthaldraht, with an opposition of 1.8 ohm.

If we give now stream on the wire, this gets hot, and the liquid evaporated. What is absent yet, is a small pump which leads the steam from the chamber about the oral piece outward.


We use 12 V Mini air pump of the type KPM27H-12B5 in our project. In addition we have printed with 3D printer a small base, and provide with a hole for the air pump, as well as a hole for the electricity supply of the Clearomizers. You are able to do the model, as usual, on our Thingiverse side download.


We befüllen our evaporator with the liquid, and connect the air pump to 12 V of net part. It is important that we make sure first that the air is squeezed out on top of the "chimney", because the aerial river one overheat verhinder has to go, because otherwise the cotton can burn.

Detailed view

Now we give carefully stream on the evaporator. We had with approx. 3 V of very good results. Though the production of smoke does not reach around whole rooms to befüllen, but above all in the model construction area this solution offers a reasonable alternative to the usual smoke generators. Besides, above all the liquid is more favourable around a multiple one.

We wish a lot of fun while copying, and say goodbye up to the next contribution.

Their Markus Neumann and Moritz Spranger





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Henri Roest

Henri Roest

Hallo, gibt es da auch ein Foto wie Ihr den “Clearomizer” elektrich snageschlossen habt?

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